About TermLifeInsuranceQuotes Biz

TermLifeInsuranceQuotes.biz was founded back in 2004 by three licensed insurance professionals. We had helped so many families locally and we wanted to expand on the number of families whose futures we could secure.

Life Insurance has always been a daunting task and hard to navigate if you are not familiar with it. People tend to turn online for more information and quotes from many carriers. However shopping online is not always easy. Many people will go from site to site comparing the rates of each of the reputable companies they are familiar with. These include the big brand names who's commericials you have grown to know ...and like for that matter! (I mean you doesn't like Snoopy!) But there are hundreds of insurance carriers out there that you may not know of. Many of these have A+ AM Best Ratings, some of which may have a higher financial strength then those you know.

Every company has their own rates and guidelines for rating individuals. Therefore, certain companies may be more favorable to people with certain medical conditions over others. That is why we have created this website with an extensive health analyzer and quote engine built in.

Now for free you can search through hundreds of carriers, compare rates, and even prepare an personalized health quote on yourself. In fact we welcome those who have diabetes, high risk medical conditions, and obesity to try us out. You are never under obligation to buy, but when you are ready we have agents standing by at your convenience. Give us call at 1-866-923-0801 and know that our alligence is always to you and never one particular client.