Diabetics Life Insurance

Not all life insurance policies are for those that do not have any medical conditions. There are life insurance companies that do specialize in certain medical conditions so that policyholders do not have to pay more. Policies for diabetics would be an example. Diabetic’s life insurance can be broken down into two different policies. One is for diabetics whose diabetes is under control along with limited medications. Those whose diabetes is high risk and unpredictable would be in another group.

Affordable life insurance plans do exist for people living with diabetes. Companies will look at whether the policyholder in question has type 1or 2 diabetes and how it is managed. Your rate is rather reasonable if your blood glucose level is good and you lead a healthy lifestyle. When looking for a policy, shopping around is going to be your best bet. Try visiting websites, calling life insurance companies, or consult an insurance agent who specializes in finding policies that cater to diabetics.

Clinical underwriting is a term you should become familiar with. This simply means that a life insurance company will look at your overall health instead of focusing on one medical condition. Concern yourself with companies like this when you start applying. Remember a “no” on a application from one company does not mean that all life insurance companies will reject you. Keep trying until you find the one that suits you and your condition best.

The application process for diabetics is the same as someone who does not have diabetes. A questionnaire concerning your health and overall information is required by most life insurance companies. These companies need to know what kind of health you are in or if you are a risk before they start coverage on you. Be completely honest when answering the questions. It will only benefit you later. A medical exam may be required before a company will accept you as a policyholder. This is completely normal and happens all the time to both applicants of good health and those with medical conditions. This is a great time to see if your diabetes is under control and do not cause you any more related conditions. That would have an effect on your life insurance premium.

If your diabetes is not under complete control, then there is no need to worry. Even if your blood glucose level is high, you can still find a policy that fits your specific needs. It will take time and effort, but when you find that policy, it will be worth it. Certain life insurance companies out there realize that not every diabetic is the same. For this reason, policies are available that will give higher risk diabetics affordable coverage.

Life insurance is important for all. Those with medical conditions should not be left out or treated any differently than other policyholders. Do understand that diabetics are a risk for companies so that is why there are companies that specialize in that specific condition. They give diabetics a policy tailored to their needs that are still affordable with possible savings.